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Driftless Artifacts is co-owned by husband and wife Stacey Roou & Lou Shields. They travel a lot and have a strong passion for past eras which led them from collecting antiques for their Driftless homestead to eventually buying, selling and wearing vintage clothes. They pick during their travels for Lou’s music gigs and love building relationships with community members who have a lot of estate clothing to sell. They go on buying appointments often to bring fresh clothing into the shop. They love bringing slow fashion options to the community from project pieces, free buttons/thread to teaching about mending and repurposing clothing.

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Vintage Clothes

We stock true vintage and antique clothes from the 1900’s – 1990’s. We also sell other vintage and antique textiles like bandanas, aprons, quilts and blankets.

Vintage Accessories

Check the store for all things fashion-related like hats, belts, shoes, boots, jewelry, pins and sunglasses.

Vintage-Inspired Folk Art Prints

Co-Owner Lou Shields will be stocking matted prints of his original art. The art is based on real individuals from our early 1900’s photo collection. Each print is archival quality and makes a great gift for the vintage lover in your life. Lou is a Musician, Artist and College Art Professor.

Driftless Artifacts is great at building relationships with the community to purchase large estates of vintage clothes. They have passion in 20s-40s but since those items are rare, they love also buying & selling mid-century clothing from the 50-60s along with more modern styles from the 70s, 80s and 90s. They are a hard-working, creative team who truly love what they do.

Christa Vogt, Co-Owner, Acre Vintage – Appleton, Wisconsin

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